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If you like League of legends  (Lol), hilarious commentary, and goofy dialog, check out this Youtube channel.



Want To Learn About The Sun And It’s Effects On Earth?: Suspicious0bservers

Suspicious0bservers, a Youtube channel dedicated to informing you every morning about the activities of the sun, will not let you down.

Youtube’s first weather channel, but it’s a little different. Instead of being your local weather channel, this one in particular gives you the most up to date information on:





Nuclear Reactor Issues

Mass Animal Deaths


Sun spots

CME- Coronal Mass Ejections

Solar Flares

Coronal Holes…

Just go to the damn channel, it pretty much has everything going on, and that is amazing.

There are also a few videos made to educate you on how to understand and use of all the information provided here…and here:

Very interesting.